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We provide reliable facts that you can trust, sometimes you will find facts around on the Internet that aren't true, so what we do is provide the reliable facts to you!

Providing weekly facts

We update our facts every week! If you would like to put facts on our website, you can suggest it to our form. (Coming Soon)

Plans to expand worldwide

We are in the works of expanding our platform to iOS, Android, and to our Website! We will update you when we release our mobile apps.

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We have multiple choices to contact us, with two emails! You can contact us on one for support, and you can contact us on another to report a bug you find.

Information about schoolfactsonline

We at schoolfactsonline have many things to offer, but we also need your help. With the community (that's you!) we can all work hard to make sure that our website and applications are in working order and are good to go to the public. View some information below to help us grow our website and become a bug free place!

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We are looking for help! If you are interested in looking for a position here at schoolfactsonline, you can refer to our application page to apply for a position!

Upload your own facts!

Did you find an interesting fact and want to submit it to our website? We will be having a page where you can suggest facts to us, and we will review them, confirm that they are real facts, and then upload them to the site! This has not been released yet and we plan on making this a reality soon.

Looking for Developers!

We are looking for developers! If you think you qualify as a developer, please fill out our application on our page and we will get back to you.

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